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Anthony & Norton back!
OARundowns.com: 6/30/09 Rundown: Seann William Scott in Studio; Bernie Madoff; Michael Jackson; Billy Mays; Deaths; Ant's Stalker; What's The Happs at Gay Pride

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john2340Jun 30th, 2009

a dollar short a day late as always shuazien

john2340Jun 30th, 2009


mrbucket75Jun 30th, 2009

thanks, goosey!

claugeJun 30th, 2009

Sixth! Thanks Goose. You're better than anyone that ever lived throughout the history of time.

grey151Jun 30th, 2009

Thanks again MG! But we need to talk... What's going on once the site is down in August??? Where can we continue to download from you? I must know :(

cimino15Jun 30th, 2009

They go up at mXninova.org too (X = i). 128k vbr will hopefully be up in 45 to an hour max.

 mothergoose56Jun 30th, 2009

Crap, just noticed some drop outs upon final QC on the 128k - working on them now.

 mothergoose56Jun 30th, 2009

128k: http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/4982397/

 mothergoose56Jun 30th, 2009

Hey folks, can anyone help me out here? I'm having trouble finding some shows and could use a demonoid or tvtorrents invite at optimumglee@hushmail.com. Thanks!

 mothergoose56Jul 1st, 2009

Also just reading about tpb being sold, plus mxninova could be down in a few weeks too. If anyone has any ideas for a good public tracker / high traffic public site I can move the O&A torrents to I'd need to hear them. I've thought about some of the private trackers too but would like to keep it public if possible. Essentially, if tpb and mn are the #1&2 public torrent sites traffic-wise, what are #3,4 and 5 and do they host trackers? Where are they hosted and are they trustworthy? Please help with suggestions if you can, if these sites disappear we need to figure out where move O&A now or risk losing traffic. Thanks everyone!

 mothergoose56Jul 1st, 2009

fuck some ideas guys

john2340Jul 1st, 2009

How about Isohunt ?

jay615Jul 1st, 2009