Deltaiso for Fedora 10 -> Fedora Unity 20090414 10 x86_64 DVD

Uploaded:Jul 17th, 2009
Info Hash:c9d700ed53f48cb9ac5d8aa03d1545de3612a42d
Fraction of full ISO size: 20.2%
applydeltaiso's approximate running time (2-3 GHz CPU, 1-2 GiB RAM): 25 minutes

This deltaiso file allows one to generate the Fedora-Unity-20090414-10-x86_64-DVD.iso image if one already has the Fedora-10-x86_64-DVD.iso image (either as an ISO file, or on DVD). This requires the applydeltaiso command, contained in the deltarpm package (available in the Fedora repos). Using the ISO file, one runs

applydeltaiso Fedora-10-x86_64-DVD.iso Fedora_Fedora-Unity-20090414-10-x86_64-DVD.diso Fedora-Unity-20090414-10-x86_64-DVD.iso

If one has the DVD, just mount it and then run

applydeltaiso /dev/dvd Fedora_Fedora-Unity-20090414-10-x86_64-DVD.diso Fedora-Unity-20090414-10-x86_64-DVD.iso

Before downloading the deltaiso, make sure to have the correct, verified, input image. The SHA1 for Fedora-10-x86_64-DVD.iso is

f1e5ae7db6a1ba227de7294c4112385922388648 *Fedora-10-x86_64-DVD.iso

as found in the readily available signed SHA1SUM file. If it's on DVD, one can simply do a mediacheck. After running applydeltaiso, verify the output image. The SHA1 for Fedora-Unity-20090414-10-x86_64-DVD.iso is

8231f6642ffb3400ccf5cc0eea69ab10dd0cf40a Fedora-Unity-20090414-10-x86_64-DVD.iso

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