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160 Underground 2pac Songs(The Best of theUnderground)RUNARMY0f1 picture
Militant Mindz Mixtape
Made By RUNARMY0f1

| Artist...............: Tupac Shakur |
| Album................: Militant Mindz |
| Genre................: Rap/Hip-Hop |
| Year.................: 2009 |
| Quality..............: Very High |
| Files................: 160 |
| Information..........: |

I Guarantee whether your a Tupac fan or not
this will be one of the best downloads you've ever had.

100% Spyware Free.

Enjoy the mixtape. I didn't mix all the songs myself, most of them are from all of the most popular underground DJ's. Most people don't even realize that there is a growing online community of DJ's making Tupac Mixtapes. This mixtape basically contains all of the best mixes out there as of 1/09. Also includes some High-Quality Original Releases. Please Seed to share these mixes with the rest of the clueless Tupac fans that have prayed for the day they could hear new 2pac songs like these. All songs are in Highest Quality as you can possbily find anywhere. You may notice that some of the original songs have some changes. For example in the beginning of Bury Me A G instead of just drums and snare like the album version I changed it to the intro of the song
that Bury Me A G was originally sampled from. If you want to compare the difference download Bury Me A G somewhere and listen to the intro, and then listen to the Bury Me A G on this mixtape and you'll understand. Also One Day at a Time has a quick 2 second instrumental play before going into the song. Do the same thing with One Day at a time and you'll see how much better it sounds on this mixtape. Also added Vinyl Scratching to So Much Pain There's a lot of little fixes that you may or may not notice. Be sure to check out all the Bonus Tracks and espically the rock trubute to 2pac and biggie. I've also added some OG songs (Original instrumental that Tupac Recorded his vocals to)

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Many Many thanx to all the DJ's featured on the mixtape.
If your song was featured on the mixtape and your name isn't mentioned, e-mail
me @ "militantmindzmix@gmail.com"

DJ Scholar
DJ Critikal
Lil Prophet
DJ Rhyme Zee
DJ Menace
DJ Thug Angel
DJ KillaCali
DJ Radafi
DJ Nuke
DJ Choo
Dante's OG Vibes
Dirty Harry
DJ Green Lantern

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I've been looking for this EVERYWHERE! Can you please seed this?

GodsSoldier3Jul 22nd, 2013

Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!! PLEASE!!! It's NOT downloading!!

GodsSoldier3Sep 28th, 2013