Prime Loops - R&B Royale (.WAV)

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:afc59ea1598bae32fb9a0026b622400a3eb302c5
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Heres another torrent from Syddistic, this ones a request from drewzilla5000. I hope this comes in handy, I have scanned all the files with Avast Home Edition, but if you dont trust me and my results then feel free to scan it and post your results. Enjoy.


"R&B Royale Grooves is the latest release from Prime Loops designed for producing smooth R&B and Hip Hop rhythms and melodies. Included in this sound suite, which contains over 180 RnB loops, is a variety of original R&B loops complimented by 11 Full Groove/melody songs,

The Groove loops section is set out in 2 folders, 80Bpm Grooves, and 90Bpm Grooves, each Melody/Groove folder contains a demo mix, and all the individual parts of each groove, for example matching drums, orchestra strings, rhodes, piano loops and so on, which mix seamlessly together and can be arranged, layered and remixed any way you wish.

The next section of R&B Royale Grooves contains a wide variety of single loops to add even more inspiration, all of which sync perfectly with the grooves and give you even more opportunities to create new musical combinations and rhythms.

We are very proud of this new producer package, if you’re looking to create rich, orchestral and musical R&B or Soulful Hip Hop Beats, look no further, this amazing collection of new-skool and vintage loops is the real deal, and delivers a solid production package of new RnB melody tools."


The version of the package that I have for you guys is in .WAV format.

(NOTE: You will need WinRar or a similar program to extract the files from the .RAR folder.)



kingoftheplanetSep 3rd, 2009

I highly doubt that, as I scanned it after I got it, and it was clean, and I didn't add any extra files to it. So theres four things that could of happened. A. Your stupid and got a virus from something else B. It was a false positive C. Somehow there is a virus, and my anti virus systems didn't detect it, and nobody elses anti virus systems detected it. Or my personal favorite, and the most likely occurrence D. Your a troll and you can get the fuck off my torrent and stop spreading lies.

SyddisticSep 25th, 2009

kingoftheplanet-talking crap& get a life.good clean torrent.thanks syddistic

 FOZZYD1970Oct 2nd, 2009

awesome torrent. thanks! I was wondering if you had any of the electro or fidget synths/grooves

gutshawtOct 31st, 2009

dude man i think ur the only prime loops ever post torrent on this thx man!! this is reallly helpful to learn ableton live for me !! thx again syd great torrent!!

istheone99Dec 10th, 2009

Hmmmm...just downloaded this, seemed ok at first, but then a self-install thing came up, and VIRUS! My virus software did not combat it...damn.

myley_cyrrusDec 15th, 2009

There's no virus in this torrent. I downloaded this torrent months ago and I've been using it every since. I scanned the file when I first downloaded it, and I scan my entire computer daily. I can assure you that this file is 100% safe.

Woozie87Dec 19th, 2009

VIRUS! My virus software missed it. : (

myley_cyrrusJan 19th, 2010

mylay cyrrus N king of the planet !!!!! why chat complete bollocks YOU both know this aint infectered with a poison ya pair of mug's....god!!! its sad when all ya gotta do in life is chat shit on tpb to fuck peeps shit up ya pair of jokers .....Thanks for this syddistic its just what i was looking for thanks a million.......

dadyhacksFeb 1st, 2010

oh for the doubter's go virus total or use sandboxie...ya shouldnt be dling torrents if ya moan every time some av comes up n slaps ya in the lips with a false positive ha ha ha dream on boy's......

dadyhacksFeb 1st, 2010

thankyou Syddistic

katch22Feb 13th, 2010


booveeterMay 10th, 2010

i created a username just so i could comment this even though ive been torrenting off TPB for years. Thank you for seeding and leaching this! Im a new producer and i have paid for some of prime loops stuff, but its very expensive for a college student. A pack like this is a nice addition for me! I appreciate the seeders and the original poster. I dont know if i would agree about posting all of their packs, like their DnB combo packs, but these extra ones i dont think matter much. That being said, i have three of the DnB packs that i would be looking to trade if anyone has the electro house ones.

cjm5Sep 18th, 2010

Syddistic the answer is D nice share!

ActiveSkyApr 28th, 2011

Thanks much dude, awesome! Could you do the KINGS OF SWING PRESENT: DOWNTOWN HOUSE pack by any chance?

Mike_08Jun 24th, 2011

Thanks Syddistic! Love your work.

spennsorSep 18th, 2011

DLed. Scanned. No virus. Thanks Syddistic. Any chance we could get Dubstep Nation or XXL Dubstep Drums?

MrDoccSJan 2nd, 2012

thankyou unknown friend

Seeker19Oct 3rd, 2012