Nortt - Graven

Uploaded:Sep 26th, 2009
Info Hash:29e13f8f4901a30bb3e61ea0e5ff137786e108d1
2007 Re-release of Nortt's 'PURE DEPRESSIVE FUNERAL DOOM BLACK METAL' CD, Graven.

Ripped in 320CBRMP3.


Seed Please..... I'll Seed later.... Thanks!

BrogzWrath666Nov 28th, 2009

Seed Please.... I am Almost finish downloading.... I will seed after i finish downloading.... Thanks...

BrogzWrath666Nov 28th, 2009

Sorry about that! Seeding now, thanks for your interest :) Going to have some really cool releases up soon, make sure to check back every week or so!

 melodeathForeverNov 30th, 2009

Thanks for the seed! Nortt Rules! I really love this album!.. True Pure Depressive Funeral Doom Black Metal Album! Track 2(Gravfed) and Track 5 (De Dodes kor) catches my attention! Really Good Songs! Thanks Again!

BrogzWrath666Dec 5th, 2009