Grown Man Shit - MP3 - Big Proof of D12 aka Derty Harry

Uploaded:Oct 1st, 2009
Info Hash:6f3fcf2fd480d5449297a658eca96a80a6114bff
Grown Man Shit (2005) by Proof. Proof was a longtime friend of Marshall Mathers (Eminem) and an important member of D12. He was shot in a club on April 11, 2006 R.I.P.

All tracks are prenamed and ordered, ready to be put into iTunes or whatever program.


1. Proof 4 Mayor Intro
2. Apollo G’s- Proof
3. Pray For Me- Proof
4. Nothing- Proof (prod. by Salam Wreck)
5. My Life- Proof
6. That’s Wots Up- Proof featuring MU
7. Commercial Break I
8. Ou, Ouuuuuuuuuut- Proof
9. Sting Bling- Proof
10. Next Morning- Proof
11. My Dudey- Proof
12. Waiting On Death Scripts- Stan Da Man
13. Waitin On Death- Proof
14. Define My Life- Proof
15. Dream Killa- Proof
16. Commercial Break II
17. Live N Direct- Proof
18. Woo- Proof
19. Ease Up- Proof feat. Shockwave
20. Brick By Brick- Proof
21. Can’t Have A Moment Of Peace- Proof
22. Oil Can Harry- Proof
23. I.F.- Proof

Enjoy, and please seed to keep his work alive!

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