SPB Mobile Shell Version 3.5 (Build 9593) For The Pocket PC

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Uploaded:Nov 4th, 2009
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SPB Mobile Shell Version 3.5, (Build 9593)

SPB Mobile Shell introduces the next generation user interface while keeping all advantages of a Windows Mobile device. Enjoy your Windows Mobile phone!



Cool widgets to customize your Home screen

* Photo contacts
* Picture frame
* Media player
* Weather
* Internet search
* Facebook and Twitter status
* Wireless switches
* Phone profile
* Appointments and tasks
* ... and many others


Finger friendly contacts with Facebook integration

* Widget-based photo contacts
* Facebook integration
* Photo call log
* Smart contact search
* 3D favorite contacts carousel
* Ringtone management
* Category filter


Fast access to all your smartphone features

* Pinned shortcuts
* 3D email and SMS viewer
* Recently used programs
* Finger friendly task manager
* 3x3 phone style menu


SPB Mobile Shell comes with integrated tools

* Weather forecasts
* Current weather
* Agenda view
* World time
* Wireless switches
* Profiles
* Internet search
* Facebook and Twitter status


Customize your device with your preferences

* 3D carousel with special effects
* Make your own Home screen using widgets
* Adaptive skins
* Change background
* Customize your menu
* Change widget skins
* Choose Professional or Lifestyle Home screen

Version 3.5.1 (Nov 03, 2009):

Key bug fixes and changes:

* SPB Pocket Plus close button makes Shell unresponsive
* Set Ringtone doesn't work for Contacts
* 6.5: Theme shows incorrectly for Carousel and Tiles views
* Added current conditions threshold for weather widget
* Agenda: One day is shown twice, 25 ??t date is the transition to "winter" time
* 3D SMS viewer: First word disappears after enter
* Twitter issues fixes
* Kinetic scrolling doesn't stop on Asus P565
* 3D SMS viewer: Picture is absent.
* 3D viewer: Date isn't shown for SMS and Email
* 3D email viewer: First account always shows
* Birthday widget doesn't update itself when contact info is changed
* New filter category is available only after MS restart
* Task widget makes task sychronization with Outlook longer
* Feature: introduced default action for weather widget (now choose between "Open forecast" and "Open conditions")


Hey xxthugxx Your downloads for the PPC kick-ass man! is this one cracked or what do you need to do special to install? Also do you think you might be able to crack and upload the latest version of Pocket Informant 9 for us? I am jonesin for this one bro. Late

superhero7Dec 1st, 2009

FYI everybody, it's cracked as per the readme file. Thanks again thug

superhero7Dec 1st, 2009


MasterBIaster903Dec 26th, 2009

Thank You So Very Much... Amazing :o)

AshurHyeJan 6th, 2010

Hey xxthugxx, many thanks for your programs. any chance you could offer us an English dictionary for the WM?

TibaliFeb 5th, 2010

you just saved me $30.00, GOOD Thug

brain2028Mar 2nd, 2010

installed and worked perfectly...many thanks for sharing, pretty cool software as well:)

ukuwiMar 10th, 2010

Great work once again! =)

Stealth64Mar 13th, 2010

xxThugxx for president! Yuor uploads are greate.

Mulder6Mar 16th, 2010

There's a problem with the sms, you can go on the page but you cant click on the message to reply, PLEASE FIX...other then that its a perfect app!! Thanks

Jblack88Mar 21st, 2010

Good day to all Could anyone say if there is a program such as the SPB Mobile Shell for Anroid Phones (HTC Hero)? I would really appreciate that.... thanks COso

leicosoMar 30th, 2010

Did you ever find this pocket PC app called AE Button Plus but another one even better is called Shape Services Business card reader Please try to get those 2 for windows mobile 6.5 plus maybe someone could come up with a hack or something to turn windows mobile 6.5 into windows 7 phone OS

emcincMay 1st, 2010

super nice man... works perfect on my htc hd2 thanks alot

AndersAndMay 9th, 2010

felt the need to subscribe to p/b just to comment here, this is an jem of a program from thug, put it on my htc tytn and completly changed the phone,i cant stop playing with it,,highly recomended program to use for any phone,100% thanks to thug for this..

althecoalMay 21st, 2010

This was one of the most bizarr Kick-ass things I've ever seen on this site:P THANKS!!!!!!:D

AndyTheKidJun 7th, 2010

Thug thanks for your effort man........ can i ask you a little favor.... can you crack the pocket shield version... that would be really helpful...... didnt find any way to request you.... so commented here....... thanks again for your fabulous works...

pulak861Jun 22nd, 2010

HOW DO I INSTALL THIS PROGRAM ? i can not find cab file

lunar011Jun 23rd, 2010

thug, can you please, please upload or crack Pocket Brush...? i really want that program for certain reasons... can you give it a try? youre my hero! (you already are, cuz of all the poket pc uploads :P) (need it for windows mobile vrsion 6.1 / htc touch pro)

JVIixxsterSep 5th, 2011