the doors - live in new york - highlights (2009)

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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the doors - live in new york (at felt forum) - digitally remastered...

this is hands down the most anticipated release (by hardcore doors freaks like me) since "live in detroit".

this is an 82+ minute mix of highlights from the 4 shows the doors did over 2 nights back in january of 1970.

download this, then go buy the 6 CD set!

1) roadhouse blues
2) peace frog
3) whiskey bar
4) backdoor man
5) five to one
6) who do you love
7) break on through
8) universal mind
9) light my fire
10) soul kitchen
11) "the encore begins"
12) rock me
13) gloria


...everything is fucked up as usual... if you can't appreciate that opening line, then you have no business listening to any doors music at all.

trent_reznorNov 30th, 2009

seems awesome... if i could finish downloading it i would seed it

flacjack4Jan 7th, 2010