Pet Shop Boys - Party (brazilian import)

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Party is a compilation album by Pet Shop Boys released exclusively in Brazil on 4th November 2009.

The album is being released to coincide with the Brazilian leg of their 2009 Pandemonium tour. The album includes both past hits and some newer material. Party includes songs that were heavily featured in the following TV Globo soap operas: "Being boring" (Meu Bem Meu Mal OST), "Domino dancing" (O Salvador da Patria OST), "West End girls" (Selva de Pedra OST) and "King of Rome" (currently being featured on the soap opera, Viver a Vida).

1. West End Girls (Ten Inch Mix) 3:58
2. Love Comes Quickly 4:14
3. Paninaro (Seven Inch Mix) 4:08
4. Its A Sin (Disco Mix) 7:39
5. What Have I Done To Deserve This 4:16
6. Always On My Mind (Extended Dance Version) 8:08
7. Domino Dancing 4:16
8. Its Alright (Seven Inch Version) 4:18
9. Being Boring 4:50
10. Go West 4:18
11. Before (Single Edit) 4:04
12. New York City Boy 5:16
13. Home And Dry (Radio Edit) 3:55
14. Minimal (Radio Edit) 3:35
15. Love Etc 3:31
16. King Of Rome 5:32

Thank you for seeding :o)


I have very many of the Pet Shop Boys imports and CD singles (where most songs aren't available on their CDs, go figure!) I'm getting this strictly for "King of Rome," so thanks very much!

Coltbear50Feb 11th, 2013