Family Guy Season 7

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Uploaded:Dec 23rd, 2009
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TV releases of Family Guy Season 7 (September '08 to May '09)
...not the DVD release! If this were to be called a DVD release, it would be more or less Season 8 (the newest DVD release).

701 - Love Blactually 1) READ NOTE AT BOTTOM
702 - I Dream of Jesus
703 - Road to Germany
704 - Baby Not on Board
705 - The Man with Two Brians
706 - Tales of a Third Grade Nothing
707 - Ocean's Three and a Half
708 - Family Gay
709 - The Juice Is Loose
710 - FOX-y Lady
711 - Not All Dogs Go to Heaven
712 - 420
713 - Stew-Roids
714 - We Love You, Conrad
715 - Three Kings
716 - Peter's Progress

This is not my property.
I did not rip this material.
I merely compiled all these episodes into one Torrent.

1) Love Blactually:
Unfortunately this is the only copy of this episode that I can find.
Audio runs out of Sync with the video about half-way through, but still enjoyable :)
If it doesn't run for you, just open with Media Player Classic or last resort (depending on your own preferences) VLC Player!!


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LiquidInsanityJan 22nd, 2010

Well since none of you lousy shitheads bothered to comment, I'll be the first. Many episodes are out of Sync, they are pretty poor quality video wise, Audio is fine. All in all, I would avoid this POS.

LiquidInsanityJan 22nd, 2010

That can't be right...I've watched all of these episodes twice or three times over and never had a problem on Media Player Classic (besides the already stated faulty 701 episode). It might be your choice of player...??

maolainJan 23rd, 2010