Sounds Of The 70s

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35 great tunes from the 1970s 

1-slade - coz i luv you
2-albert hammond - free electric band
3-sparks - this town aint big enough
4-norman greenbaum - spirit in the sky
5-don fardon - indian reservation
6-status quo - down down
7-sailor - glass of champagne
8-alvin stardust - my coo ca choo
9-steve harley - (come up and see me)make me smile
10-new seekers - you wont find another fool like me
11-strawbs - part of the union
12-pussycat - mississippi
13-bay city rollers - shang a lang
14-new seekers - look what they done to my song
15-supertramp - breakfast in america
16-slik-forever and ever
17-sweet-ballroom blitz
18-rubettes - sugar baby love
19-dr feelgood - milk and alcohol
20-don mclean - vincent
21-status quo - paper plane
22-alvin stardust - jealous mind
23-brotherhood of man - save your kisses for me
24-bay city rollers - bye bye baby
25-david essex - hold me close
26-motors - airport
27-the band - when i paint my masterpiece
28-racey - some girls
29-r dean taylor - indiana wants me
30-boney m - one way ticket
31-doobie brothers - long train running
32-5000 volts - im on fire
33-sarah brightman-i lost my heart to a starship trooper
34-t-rex - ride a white swan
35-terry jacks - seasons in the sun

Thank you for seeding :o)


Thanks,some classics here.

crepesdrapesJan 3rd, 2010

Thanks crepesdrapes...70s music was and still is great :-)

 neonJan 3rd, 2010

Great collection... Thanks mate..

HiFly6Jun 3rd, 2011