Dragonball Z all episodes

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Size:13.09 GB
Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:Jan 7th, 2010
Info Hash:b048407cf58708d407217b55e969ac879f3731f6
here is every Dragonball Z episode in .mkv format


seed please

tpuck35Jan 20th, 2010

please seed stuck on 60 %

pegasus-jFeb 3rd, 2010

seed please. it was very fast until about 60% and now its hardly going at all.

EMan856Feb 4th, 2010

this would be a great dl if it actually had someone seeding it. its seriously impossible to move past 59.4% and 59.4% takes a while to get to, so unless it gets any seeders, its a waste of time.

EMan856Feb 5th, 2010

Seeding was't seeding because my computer right now sucks but will be continuing to seed until there is enough seeders for the torrent to live without me :P

saintspriestFeb 5th, 2010

thank youu

EMan856Feb 5th, 2010

Japanese or english?

wultureFeb 21st, 2010

hi can someone seed pls

warrior_thirtlleMar 5th, 2010

i've only got two seeds and will help if i new how but new to the website

warrior_thirtlleMar 5th, 2010

hi new to the website how do u seed

warrior_thirtlleMar 5th, 2010

pls pls pls can sum1 seed im stuck pls seed

warrior_thirtlleMar 5th, 2010

why the fuck put in this format, u dipshit?

primalclaws1974Mar 26th, 2010

best quality ive found nice torrent

tenchi012002Sep 1st, 2010

Wtf happened? It was going great at first, got about 20% in two hours then it suddenly got stalled and all the trackers stopped responding.

AlaterielNov 12th, 2010

Wtf happened? It started downloading and was doing great, then after 20% it got stalled and all the trackers stopped responding.

AlaterielNov 12th, 2010

Whoops, looks like my comment did go through the first time...

AlaterielNov 12th, 2010

Is this in english and what is the audio / video quality like? Thanks.

Pranksta_HarveyNov 13th, 2010

From what I saw before it stopped downloading for me, the video quality was fantastic. Some of the episodes support both English, and Japanese audio (but no subtitles).

AlaterielNov 13th, 2010

Does this support both English and Japanese audio ?

ValnecKDec 22nd, 2010

please seed! ive downloaded this before and its great quality but im trying to dl it again and it wont seed at all

chuddamannFeb 23rd, 2011

Please seed :( only 20 kbits =(

AcorexMar 12th, 2011

Whoever couldnt seed cus ya didnt know how if ya got utorrent just leave it open when ur done downloading, guy who says stupid format this is highest quality format up to blueray go dl smplayer it works for me when im done i will seed

eeveefan127Jun 15th, 2011

This is cool and its in english language with .mkv format, so awesome resolution. Is there a subtitles available for this...??? can you please upload if you find any subtitles; which will sync with these episodes.

mazher.ecApr 1st, 2012

hey guys if anyone listening plz seed currently there are no seeders..

bill_04Nov 14th, 2013