Type:Video > TV shows
Size:350.25 MB
Uploaded:Jan 12th, 2010
Info Hash:0a1ca60bfa7e0b7fd280ffb2aab2cc2f781e1150

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Release Name----- Fringe.S02E12.HDTV.XviD-2HD
Release Date----- 01/12/2010
Release Size----- 350Mb
Source----------- HDTV
Play Time-------- 00:43:06
Resolution------- 624x352
Frame Rate------- 23.98
Video Bitrate---- 996kbps
Video Codec------ XVID
Audio ----------- 48000 Hz 2ch, 126kbps
Audio Codec------ MP3

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SunZero 2oo6


Great torrent :) ,wrong episode nr though. its 11 ;) A: 10/10 V: 10/10 Regards MrRathe (Norway)

MrRatheJan 12th, 2010

Thanks very much guy's always 10/10

VercingetrixJan 12th, 2010


av1965Jan 12th, 2010

Rumour has it, that this an unaired episode from season 1. Wich would explain why a certain person is suddenly alive again. And why nobody seems to find it strange. It should be labeled season 1 episode 12.

BorisSGDJan 12th, 2010

That should be "Season 1 Episode 21" not 12. Sorry....

BorisSGDJan 12th, 2010

Yep... poor Kirk Acavedo remains sacked.

ninapussJan 13th, 2010

@Boris - Thank God someone else noticed that. I was starting to be really confused.

CampAnawannaJan 13th, 2010

This is NOT S02E11 OR S02E12. This is S01E21, an episode that never aired. I just downloaded this, (and all the others here) and verified, NONE of them are actually S02E11

societymikeJan 13th, 2010

what is the truth? is this really ep11 or not? i'm confused here... help pls...

breakercase24Jan 14th, 2010

Truth is that "SocietyMike" is a moron. This is officially Fringe.S02E11 (Unearthed). As far as S02E12 (Johari Window) which airs tonight. I really don't think that TvTeam has captured this yet. So wait till tonight or tomorrow for the official Fringe.S02E12. You people you really need to do you homework.

LlamaHackJan 14th, 2010

Hey Hack ur the moron mate.... Mike is right!

hatethefakeJan 15th, 2010