The full swingersakce collection: parts 01 - 11

Type:Porn > HighRes - Movies
Size:31.16 GB
Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:Jan 12th, 2010
Info Hash:08e1f8364d38e8ac19e265a8b559be964b205c35
The best swinger thing on the internet, now all of the episodes in one place!
It contains the videos of all the eleven episodes done until this very moment.
The format is WMV, and except two pieces with 640x360, all the others are 1280x720.
It was collected by Carlos in Fabula, your job is just to seed it and enjoy it! :)

For more information about the videos feel free to visit


Thanks, good upload.

voyger2Mar 24th, 2010

Thanks, good job!

voyger2Mar 24th, 2010

Please seed all! I gets about 31% and i want it all!

Kungsbacka_40Jul 24th, 2010

"God Bless Any Body Who Seeds"

ErosianSep 23rd, 2010

Can someone let this torrent seed to take over full plis

gorankaroApr 10th, 2012