Silverlake Life - The View From Here (1993)

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Silverlake Life - The View From Here (1993) picture
Silverlake Life: The View From Here (1993)

Rated: NR Not rated
Director: Tom Joslin, Peter Friedman
Cast: Tom Joslin, Mark Massi
Genres: Documentary, Biographical Documentaries, Gay & Lesbian

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Never-Before-Seen-Epilogue Footage by Elaine Mayes and Filmmaker Interviews by Parvez Sharma

When filmmaker Tom Joslin's partner Mark Massi developed full-blown AIDS in 1989, Joslin began to document Massi's illness in a video diary.
Soon, Joslin became sick as well, and the two men filmed each other in their daily triumphs and sorrows, capturing their love and commitment on camera even as their health continued to deteriorate. Everyday chores became excruciatingly difficult, every act of living with AIDS was also a political statement — and through it all, Joslin and Massi took care of each other as their bodies were wasting away.
Silverlake Life is a powerful film about AIDS and mortality, but it is also an extraordinary love story.

After Joslin died, his friend and former student Peter Friedman finished the film.
Silverlake Life won numerous awards upon its release, including the Prix Italia, a Peabody Award and the Grand Jury Prize at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival.
Silverlake Life was named "One of the 10 Best Films of the Year" by The Los Angeles Times, USA Today and the Boston Globe, and "One of the Best Films of the Decade" by Utne Reader and The Village Voice. Entertainment Weekly gave the film an A+ in its 1993 review.