Lost S06E04 HQ HDTV AC3 DivX (Re-Encode From 720p)

Type:Video > Highres - TV shows
Size:700.26 MB
Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:Feb 17th, 2010
Info Hash:d5c559f6816829be4070bc25ca7db6febd6451db
Initial speed will be slow, please help seed if you can, thanks.

Compatible With DivX DVD Players (720x400 Resolution).

Method used:
VirtualDub MKV Plugin:
Saved uncompressed @ 153GB
Resize Filter and Compressed With DivX 2-Pass @ "Insane Quality" Setting
Resolution: 720x400
Bitrate: 2090
Audio: AC3 ACM 5.1 Channel @ 256kbps @ 48,000hz


It's dowloading to my seedbox so this should help with the speed.

 RobstonFeb 17th, 2010

Wrong cateogory, this isn't high-def.

hmpbFeb 17th, 2010

Thanks Robston! Much appreciated. ;) hmpb, just ignore the category, I used to always put it on "Video > TV shows" but then TPB would change it to highres on me, so I gave up. The title and description should make things clear enough anyways that it isn't HR. ;)

 teslamanFeb 18th, 2010


hmpbFeb 19th, 2010

Very steady dload, 280kbs all the way! Thanks Teslaman and seeders...

keggs01Feb 20th, 2010