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Uploaded:Mar 4th, 2010
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2010.03.03 Wednesday

Journalist and columnist Declan McCullagh, who specializes in computer security and privacy issues, talks with Alex about the growing threats to internet freedom. Alex also welcomes to the show film director, producer and screenwriter André van Heerden. He is the writer and director of Shadow Government. Alex also talks with Grant Jeffrey of Grant R. Jeffrey Ministries who is featured in Shadow Government.

HOUR 1: News & commentary, Alphabet stations all producing anti-tea party
movies to air in April (research where your federal income tax goes -sig),
biggest college/university grants and scholarships coming from Homeland
Security, spy and tracking centers, Open Lines, New York City and State
has pulled out massive amounts of police and MTA workers from subways,

HOUR 2: ANDRE VAN HEERDEN - maker of documentary Shadow Government,

HOUR 3: DECLAN McCULLAGH, JASON BERMAS, economic news & Ted Anderson

HOUR 4: Demonization of tea parties, ADL and "mainline" conservatives claiming
Ron Paul - AJ and others are dangerous and will strike, News & commentary,
Monsanto GMO - Bees - Cross species - etc., American people waking up and angry,
Americans understanding they are being robbed blind - what is the system going
to do?, Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin demonizing "Birthers", world government being
openly announced - but if common folk declare it is happening they are called
conspiracy theorists, more staged events coming?, AJ takes callers

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