Randi Rhodes Show - March 04 2010

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Obstructionist AND Stupid
Thursday, March 4, 2010
Jim Bunning’s recent antics may have given you the mistaken impression that his lying and obstructionism are somehow out of the ordinary. In order to give equal time to other Republican misinformers of note, we direct you to this clip of Michelle Bachmann on Larry King. Michelle was facing off against Democrat Alan Grayson. That’s one time I’m glad they were in debate dungeons and not in the same room. If they were in the same room and accidentally touched, they might both disappear like a matter—anti-matter collision. But don’t expect fireworks in this clip. Michelle was on her best behavior. She didn’t have time to be cantankerous. She was too busy keeping her facts confused. But what Michelle lacks in foaming at the mouth in this particular instance she makes up for in the purity of her disinformation. Bachmann insisted that the Senate “works with 60 votes.” That’s wrong on a couple of levels. Most obviously, the Senate does NOT work with 60 votes. In fact, 60 votes is pretty much what is keeping the Senate from working. The truth is that the Senate can and does work on 50 votes when it chooses too. And when it chooses to is almost always when Republicans are in charge and want a tax break for their wealthy buddies. “The Senate works with 60 votes, and now what the president is promoting is a nuclear option which is 50 votes.” Wow. It’s hard to pack so much dis-information into one sentence. The Senate doesn’t work with 60 votes, and 50 votes is not the nuclear option. Other than that, the statement is correct. But other than that, the only thing left in the statement is the punctuation. And Michelle Bachmann wasn’t in charge of that part.

But wait! Jim Bunning has an encore! Last night, after finally allowing the unemployment bill to pass, Jim Bunning then put a blanket hold on all of President Obama’s nominees before the Senate! Classic: first Jim Bunning didn’t want people who weren’t working to get any benefits. Now he wants to prevent people who have been nominated for jobs from working at all. Let’s be real here… primarily because Jim Bunning refuses to be real. Jim Bunning is angry and seemingly unstable. And that’s a bad combination. He’s literally a disgruntled employee out to cause trouble. Republicans always want to run government like private business. If this was occurring in a private business, the security guards at the front desk would have pictures of Jim Bunning with strict instructions “Do NOT let this man in the building.”