Ed Schultz Show - March 10 2010

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010
Norman Goldman of The Norman Goldman Show fills in for Big Eddie.

President Obama pushes for an end game on health care. We'll bring you the latest.

Rep. Eric Massa goes on the cable circuit to deny he sexually groped male staffers. We'll talk about it.

A new AP poll show President Obama more popular than Congress. We'll give you the details.


Can somebody seed this, please?? We're all stuck at 64.3% !! I stopped the torrent for hours and re-start every once in a while....with no luck. The March 9 Ed Schultz Show torrent is totally dead in the water.

 TheExecutiveMar 15th, 2010

OK maybe someone is still seeding, but it's going so SLOW. Up to 82% now after many hours.

 TheExecutiveMar 15th, 2010