Deltaiso for Fedora 12 -> Fedora Unity 20100303 12 x86_64 DVD

Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:c3b4bac2a26b274df9ce4962a49548c84e5ac485
Deltaiso from

Fedora 12 x86_64 DVD ISO
sha256sum: c899659b8a7ceb8f005fc1a300b4e21c984a48fd7b8d8a332ed24bf8c3c479e8


Fedora Unity 20100303 12 x86_64 DVD ISO
sha1sum: 35cb805eb5b58f28e2842099b47f3fafb2427573 - listed at

Fraction of full ISO size: 19.9%
applydeltaiso's approximate running time (2-3 GHz CPU, 1-2 GiB RAM): 38 minutes
md5sum of deltaiso: d90c343aaf38746250dc6cd7e4014569

Instructions at

Verification issues:

1) Fedora Unity still uses sha1sum, even though Fedora Project has used sha256sum since Fedora 11.

2) Fedora Unity tends to erase from their website any traces of previous respins (including even the checksum files needed for verifying) when new respins come out. If you want to be able to verify in the future discs you currently have, keep a local copy of the checksum file. Even if you could find a copy of it online (unlikely), the fact that it's unsigned means there would be no way to verify it.


Direct download link: (expires 2010-04-19)

 andre14965Mar 20th, 2010

As I write this, the above link is still good. Adrive says that public links expire in 30 days, but it didn't.

 andre14965May 14th, 2010