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Uploaded:Mar 28th, 2010
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4:3 full-screen. NOT for Ipods and clones...


Thank you 20/40. Great post.

lilars26Mar 28th, 2010

thank you, very much! great quality!!

pirateradiorocksMar 29th, 2010

Thanks, Works great on my iphone despite saying its not for ipods... big thumbs up from my little girl.

martlawJul 5th, 2010

can i play this in windows media player??

pinkaholicDec 11th, 2010

wow! im done downloading this one... and i love it! thanx twentyforty!!! i hope u upload more disney movies.... thanx a lot!!! ;)

pinkaholicDec 12th, 2010

does this work on psp?

qui-gon-ginJul 23rd, 2011

4:3 would not be full screen, noob

shinobiungDec 23rd, 2011

4:3 IS in fact full screen. As opposed to, say, 16:9 aspect ration being "widescreen".

Burnout13Jul 6th, 2012

Hey noob - Burnout13 is right - 4:3 IS defined as "Full Screen."

cornathDec 24th, 2013