Christopher Hitchens - God Is Not Great

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God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens

Publisher: Twelve 2007-05-01 | ISBN: 1600240097 | English |

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From the author hailed as “one of the most brilliant journalists of our time”

comes a book that redefines the debate about religion in public life. With his unique brand of erudition and wit, Christopher Hitchens addresses the most urgent issue of our time: the malignant force of religion in the world.

In this eloquent argument with the faithful, Hitchens makes the ultimate case against religion (and for a more secular approach to life) through a close and learned reading of the major religious texts, citing numerous historical instances in which sexual repression and outrageous acts of violence have been committed in the name of God.

Hitchens tells the personal story of his own dangerous encounters with religion and describes his intellectual journey toward a secular view of life based on science and reason, in which the heavens are replaced by the Hubble telescope’s awesome view of the universe, and Moses and the burning bush give way to the beauty and symmetry of the double helix. “God did not make us,” he writes. “We made God.” Religion, he explains, is a distortion of our origins, our nature, and the cosmos. We damage our children – and endanger our world – by indoctrinating them.

Whether lifelong believer, devout atheist, or someone who remains uncertain about the role of religion in our lives, you will want to consider and engage in the arguments within this audiobook, and you will not soon forget Hitchens’s foreboding refrain: Religion Poisons Everything.


This is an AWESOME book!!! I've delved into his debates as well, even if you believe in some kind of celestial dictator, Hitchen's debates are absolute EYE openers if you are open-minded enough to search for a genuine REAL truth about life. Mr. or Ms artpepper, I'd be very interested and would always seed if you would upload Hitchens debates. Thanks for what you do my friend!!!

mikek683Sep 4th, 2012

@Tamarind777. Only read the first part of that first long comment. I have to say, you're strawman was astounding. Very dishonest, or very stupid. Take your pick.

YoudthinksoOct 16th, 2012

The Harry Potter books are complete proof of the existence of magic and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Anyone not believing in it will have their soul sucked by Dementors and will be damned for eternity. Believe now and you will be saved.

rps7777Dec 5th, 2012

So I was reading the comments, and had to chime in. :D {follow along, sorry for the length}------> @Tamarind777 The very item you were currently using to ramble your religious beliefs is considered an Atheist invention. BEHOLD: THE INTERNETZ. For believing what you believe may I recommend you discard all of your synthetic and cheaply made sweat shop clothing, don some jute potato sacks. Forget ALL knowledge of anything regarding to industrialization and the progress of mankind within the last ~300years move to a place in our world where you can live as they did in the time of yore the medieval, middle ages, or even the time of Christ which ever you think will be easiest. We and the rest of TPB shall see how long you survive without the >miracles< of readly available food, fuels, electricity, survival knowledge, modern medicine, THE INTERNETZ, and any other thing I have missed that pertains. Your time begins......NOW! I'm typing as fast as I can as I'm trying not to be late for my Population and Evolutionary Genetics class @ UCB, so pardon my mistakes. I was raised Catholic and quite religious, but saw how it choked intellect and brainwashed people, it's a control device. I became an atheist as a teen when the magnitude of Darwin, Dawkins, Hitchens', Maher, Bill Nye, DeGrasse Tyson, and other incredible scientists, researchers, writers journalists and pundits sunk in, to deny evolution or science it is to literally deny your existence. Look around you, life is wonderful and so mind-blowingly complex that the idea of God or gods does the whole system a great injustice. It's, at least for me, TOO SIMPLE an answer for what exists physically and non. *********Finally********* Nipples on men, are formed because........hold your breath.......because nipples are present before sex is determined as an embryo(not a baby, like a little fishy, before the breading and the fryer) at about 5-1/2 to 6 weeks. Then this little thing called sexual differentiation happens and Presto! The nipples stay. The large majority of male mammals have nipples too. Thus more unneeded proof that evolution >exists

blutfaengerMar 4th, 2013

******And a surprise for all those who stayed with me, if the Immaculate Conception really did occur...Jesus Christ was a WOMAN, as the act of Parthenogenesis or reproduction w/o fertilization creates exact copies of the mother.******* Just a titty bit of info to chew on or pinch. ;) Whatever your pleasure. Goddammit now I'm late... Auf Wiederseh'n fellow Pirates.

blutfaengerMar 5th, 2013

A rarity! Love Hitchen's work. Thanks so very much!

najor66Mar 16th, 2013

@Tamarind777 - You need to wake up and get your head out of your so called "God's" ass like I did. I used to be one of the most devout christians a several years ago. You know what I lived through??? Years and years of constant stress! Every time I looked at a good looking woman with so much as a second of lust in my heart I felt guilty because I had sinned in the eyes of God. And that was only ONE SIN. Here's what some people don't realize. God has control of EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING that happens and that HAS HAPPENED is a DIRECT RESULT from HIS GRAND DESIGN from the beginning of time. Do you realize what this means? Sure, he gave people free will to act how they will, but again, read this sentence - EVERYTHING HAPPENS BY GOD'S DESIGN. This means that every innocent little girl who is picked up by a dirty old man and is molested and raped is happening JUST AS GOD INTENDED. Every time a little boy is coaxed into the bathroom by his grandfather to "play with his penis for candy" it's because GOD DESIGNED IT TO BE THAT WAY (that happened to me at age 4 by the way.) Any baby who is born with a heart defect or a disease where they only live for a few days to weeks and they are in constant agony is because from day one GOD'S PLAN INCLUDED IT. Free will? Sure, the christians can claim that it's all on the people and their choices, but then that would be a direct contradiction to the bible. So that right there is the big reason I stopped believing in God because why would God design a plan that involved me and my mom getting molested by my own grandfather (her father) , have my cousin get molested by her own father, and my wife get molested by her own father, not to mention the 100's of 1000's of other shit going on in the world. And the christians say god has a plan for everything - why does this happen? To bring you closer to him through tragedy. "................." And here is the kicker of it all. Let's just say for one minute that God is real. Just hypothetically. Okay, the rules of the bible say I should donate 10% to the church - why? They don't pass it to God. He don't need money. You can worship in your home, but alas, for the sake of the hypothetical situation, let's say I abide by the bible. God expects you to do everything in your life to glorify him. Through work, through family, through everything. So say I do that. I die, and go to heaven. What's my reward? Oh, guess what? I get to do nothing but praise and worship God for the rest of eternity. What!?!?!?! Is God so EGOTISTICAL that he HAS to have thousands upon millions of people worshipping him for the rest of eternity? Guess what? Yes. There is a verse DIRECTLY from the bible where Jesus' disciples are praising him and some pharisees are telling Jesus to keep them quiet, and Jesus says " I tell you that, if these shall hold their peace, the stones will cry out." The INANIMATE ROCKS WILL PRAISE HIM!!!!???!?!?!?! I digress. I just get so sick of people like Tamarind777 running off about how people like Hitchens and us athiests will burn in hell when we die but when we bring up things like Gods ego, why does god PLAN rap and PLAN molesting and PLAN murder and PLAN stillborn deaths and they have no answer. And all theses christians are not even going by the bible anyway - especially the ones on TV worth hundreds of thousands of dollars like pat robertson - like they NEED that much money to live - If these people REALLY followed the bible like they were SUPPOSED to, to the letter, there would not be $100,000 churches and $200,000 churches and special church fundraising for trips. You would be doing exactly what Jesus did - he didn't stay in one place in a fancy church and dress in thousand dollar suits a ride the most expensive horse and carriage and eat at fancy restaurants after service. he didn't stay in and let the saved gather in the church. He went out with the saved to the unsaved. He wore what they wore. He ate what they ate. He fed the hungry food and sermons. He walked amongst them, slept amongst them, smiled with them.

RizzanoApr 22nd, 2013

****rest of my post ***** He didn't live in a fancy house, own a fancy horse, own a wardrobe of fancy clothes. He didn't hand out a couple coins here and there and horde the rest. H Y P O C R I T E S ! ! ! !

RizzanoApr 22nd, 2013

Perhaps we should all stop responding to a troll who hasn't been on the board in three years?

 rambam1776Nov 17th, 2013

awesome virus!! its not free after all

potpolimaMar 22nd, 2014

To: Tamarind666 (oppps, sorry about the 6s but ...oh never mind, looks better anyway) what part of we don't believe in your fantasy nonsense don't you get? Do you lose ONE MINUTE sleep fretting about the Muslim hell? Not a bit of it, so THAT is PRECISELY how much we fret over your empty threats. Oh, but I forget, YOU have the right one, .......but so do they, and so on, and so on, and so on. (ad nauseum) Me thinks none of you do and THAT is how we live our lives. In the words of a famous but forgetful theist, "what if YOUR wrong" What a waste of a life based on NO evidence at all.

mausertechSep 20th