Doctor Who - S05E03 - Victory of the Daleks - DVBRIP 17042010 -

Type:Video > TV shows
Size:1.34 GB
Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:Apr 18th, 2010
Info Hash:3bd25ae4f07330f0eeedd337c348c88beb7b5ac8
Doctor Who
Season 05
Episide Number 03
Episode Name Victory of the Daleks
Source DVBRIP 17042010 (Sattelite Recording BBC Wales)
Compression Video direct stream copy*
Audio direct stream copy*
Container MPEG File (TS remuxed to MPEG)

* Direct Stream Copy means that the data broadcasted over the sattelite is saved to the video file without recompression. This means the video is in the same quality as the original sattelite broadcast.


First off: MPEG?! Seriously, do take the time and convert it into another format. Second of all, the quality is not at all the best if it is the same you uploaded last (compared to other HD releases these days).I for one expect HD quality when downloading almost 1.5 GB.

psycho1976Apr 18th, 2010

I usually release both MPEG2 and MPEG4 versions. The reason I uploaded last is, at the moment, my sattelite recorder is located in another city and I had to download the ts files to this place first before I could process them. Also, MPEG2 can be burned to a DVD without converting formats again, for the people who are interested in that.

andremoApr 18th, 2010

Keep in mind: conversion between lossy formats always results in less quality.

andremoApr 18th, 2010

Never mind the nit. keep up the good work. Thanks from all the yanks.

D3V1S1Apr 19th, 2010

Keep up the good work andremo should never compress Karen Gillan!

thorofdenmarkApr 24th, 2010

Great quality, even works on my PS3 which other high quality rips do not (as they are mkv). Thanks for the upload! =D

BloodPhoenixMay 9th, 2010