Carl Barks Digital Archive Set 4 of 12

Uploaded:Apr 22nd, 2010
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Carl Barks Digital Archive Set 4 of 12:

CBDA Set Four Uncle Scrooge 021-043

This is an update of the previous Carl Barks Library Collection
and Supplementary bit torrents.
This collection consists of the newest, best scans
of Carl Barks stories in Carl Barks Library order
plus final stories, animation and extras.

Set 01: Donald Duck 4c0009-4c0223
Set 02: Donald Duck 4c0238-138
Set 03: Uncle Scrooge 4c0386-020
Set 04: Uncle Scrooge 021-043
Set 05: Uncle Scrooge 044-071
Set 06: Miscellaneous
Set 07: WDC&S 031-094
Set 08: WDC&S 095-166
Set 09: WDC&S 167-229
Set 10: WDC&S 230-312
Set 11: Early Work and Animation
Set 12: Artwork, Articles and Final Stories

CBDA Addendum DD European comics
(for future scanlation purposes)



Set 4 Bonus:

1. Uncle Scrooge in Color CBDA
(reconstructed from
available scanned comics, so the original articles will not be

Set 1 version 2 is now available!

Set 8 will be ready in 2 weeks.

I am still putting together set 9-12.
I found 20 HQ comics in Italian for Set 9.
So, if I can't find an english HQ comic for Set 9,
then I can always copy and paste the english script
into the italian comic.

Set 10 will have the fewest recent HQ comics, since
most of the comics were only reprinted in soft cover
graphic albums. I have the WDSC graphic
albums on hand, but I'm not willing to
bend them all out of shape to scan.
Any suggestions?

Set 11 will have mkv videos of Carl Barks' Donald Duck
short videos from the Chronological Donald Duck. 4+ gb of cartoons.
(7.9 GB) Also, B&W Pluto saves the ship comic is being updated.
Barks Bear book and Unexpurgated Barks are on hand for scanning.

Set 12 is going to have a thumbnail pictures of the Carl Barks oil paintings
organized into the Fine Art of DD book, Treasury of CB and Animal Quackers.
Set 12 will also include CB comic covers, Ducktales CB cartoons, articles and final CB stories and much more.

Also,I have bought some comics for scanning, but it
could take me a while to get them done.

a. Barks Bear book
b. Unexpurgated Barks
c. Barks and the Disney ducks
(booklet on DD statuettes)
d. Abbeville books:
i. US
ii. DD
iii. DD and nephews
(I intend to use these to update a few comics.)
e. US life and times
(I found a fair copy and a really good price.
I hope it does not get lost in the mail.)
f. informal biography of Scrooge McDuck
g. Authorized DD biograpy + CD of Barks interview
h. Dynabrite 53 Daisy and Donald: 7 from Daisy's Diary


The excellent free disney comics website is available if you just
want to read the uncropped comics online.
Much thanks goes to that guy who has posted many more recent
scans of wdc&s stories. It gives me a quite a few more comics
to update though.

The CBDA collection will be complete, but if you can find better scans
than posted within this collection, then
please leave a message and post up your comic scans.

I will update this request list as I go along.
Thanks for helping!

Scan Request of more recent colored published issues:


(Gold Key comics are not quite as good as original Dell comic.)

* = german, italian comics available for scanlation

Set 4:

US 021 Getting Thor, Dogged determination
US 022 Going to pieces, That sinking feeling
US 023 US and the fabulous tycoon *, All choked up
US 025 Bill wind, News from afar
US 027 Firefly tracker *, US crawls for cash
US 028 The money hat
US 030 Pipeline to danger *, War paint
US 031 All at sea, The balmy Swami,
The secret book
US 033 Thumbs up, The big bobber,
Bongo on the Congo (censored) *
US 035 The golden nugget boat *
US 036 The moneybag goat *
US 038 Unsafe safe, Playmates,
Monkey business, Collection Day
US 039 Art Appreciation
US 042 Dueling Tycoons
US 043 For old dime's sake
WDCS 262 Rags to Riches


Request list updated and transferred to CBDA Set 1 version 2


Thanks a lot

wtcls123Apr 22nd, 2010

CBDA Set 1 version 2 is now available!

kaarma33Apr 24th, 2010