Indie 69 May 2010 Indie Pop Rock Playlist (various artists)

Type:Audio > Music
Size:466.87 MB
Uploaded:May 1st, 2010
Info Hash:8138a8cd72bbcbeba2e95098967c3eace1f1929e
Indie 69 May 2010 Indie Pop Rock Playlist (various artists) picture
Here it is, the May 2010 playlist. Wasn't sure about this one at first. Thought I had a dud on my hands. But in the end, I think it's pretty good. 

Enjoy and as always, please seed. For the music.


this is the opposite of a dud, pal! perhaps you could include the tracklist in the description next month, or is it supposed to be a surprise?

CriznittleMay 8th, 2010

Hey! Thanks for the comment, Criznittle. I don't include a tracklist in the description because you can click on the number next to Files: In this torrent, it's the number 77. right up above on the left. If you clik on it it gives a full file list. It's glitchy sometimes and slow but it works. It seemed like overkill to print it in the description too. Thanks for the comment and again it's GREAT to have you back.

indie69May 9th, 2010