Smallville season 9 complete YOUSEED (THEOSWALDS)

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(1) "Savior"
(2) "Metallo"
(3) "Rabid"
(4) "Echo"
(5) "Roulette"
(6) "Crossfire"
(7) "Kandor"
(8) "Idol"
(9) "Pandora"
(10) "Disciple"
(11) "Absolute Justice"
(12) "Warrior"
(13) "Persuasion"
(14) "Conspiracy"
(15) "Escape"
(16) "Checkmate"
(17) "Upgrade"
(18) "Charade"
(19) "Sacrifice"
(20) "Hostage"
(21) "Salvation"

Smallville season 9 complete YOUSEED (THE-OSWALDS)


smallville season 9 episode guide :


can't be complete if you're missing episode 22.

bitchmagnetMay 20th, 2010

Absolute Justice is 11 and 12, it's listed as 11, the whole season is here. If some of the people who actually downloaded it were sharing that is. Try here if your like me in limbo with this one

bratprincedeMay 20th, 2010

smallville season 9 has only 21 episodes. check out:

youseedMay 22nd, 2010

has subs?? ellhnika?

tala7Jun 1st, 2010

yo for real guys you need to check on some times...... there are only 21 eps in season 9

rabbit2003Jun 17th, 2010

please seed. my vuze says theres only 39 seeders. and the season is taking ages to download.

gkb42Jul 8th, 2010

If you bother to check it out before annoying the UL you should notice that episode 11 is a very big episode, it could be counted as a double episode 11-12, continue counting from there and you will get 22 episodes in all. OR just accept that there is 21 episodes with a long episode 11, anyway it is a complete season 9. This episode was originally conceived as two separate episodes, but the CW budgeted extra money, promoted, and aired it as a single two-hour movie event. The two episodes would have been titled "Society" and "Legends". Due to this change, this is the first, and so far only episode to have two words in its name instead of one.

RivieraDudeSep 8th, 2010

Is this A DVDrip or straight from TV? Just curious.

MPwillieOct 26th, 2010

will seed

lilkissDec 2nd, 2010

will seed thanks

lilkissDec 2nd, 2010

these are the hdtv for those wondering.

hello40204Jan 8th, 2011

thank u

joewobblesJan 23rd, 2011


blaze3154Apr 10th, 2011

Get some antivirus, you should know by now that shit piggybacks with illegal downloading. DUH

benenyaJul 14th, 2011

A/V ??

jigsawdavidSep 5th, 2011

won't let me down load??? say err file? weird..

ChevroleeDec 17th, 2011

chevrolee -try again. No probs here. You may need to update ur pc. Although its taking a long time to DL

divinunnApr 1st, 2012