Indie 69 June 2010 New Musiaylist (various artists)

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Uploaded:Jun 5th, 2010
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Indie 69 June 2010 New Musiaylist (various artists) picture
A little late this time. But here it is, finally.

Sorry for the wait.

There are a few bonus tracks and some more wallpaper there this time. Other than that, just a bunch of great new tracks for you to listen to.


Seeya in July!

For a file list click on the number next to "files" above. ^ up there. to the < left a little.

(EDIT: WTF is with the torrent name? It wasn't that way when I hit the upload button! Anyway. I tried to edit and it will not let me edit and since every time I've tried to re-up something it's told me "torrent already exists in database" or some such... forever until I add files or something to alter the original hash.. I'm leaving it for now. Maybe forever it will be the "Musiaylist" and well.. that SUCKS!!)

OOPS Another mistake. Although I give credit in the blog, the NFO does not contain
the cover art credits, so here they are:

Image and cover art Credit –

Creative Commons – Attribution – Non-Commercial – Share-Alike

Alternate Cover art sources -


Great Keyword. Easy to search for Musiaylist. Thanks again for the music.

geolittleJun 5th, 2010

LOL! I'll add it to the tags.

indie69Jun 5th, 2010

I have been searching...but just found it re-directed from google, for some reason it didn't come up as Indie music in search ... and I think most other months you have a space before 69 in your name too ( i.e. Indie 69)... so that name change (minus the space) kept the pirate bay search engines at bay ( sorry pun). Oh well... makes the game more interesting LOL Thanks for this month's playlist I look forward to them every month. :)

MMusic123Jun 6th, 2010

Ah! Another mistake/issue. Thanks for pointing it out. Just wish I could truly edit it.

indie69Jun 6th, 2010

I look forward to these every month! Please keep up the AWESOME!

jump4joy913Jun 14th, 2010

Thanks jump4joy913. I'll do my best.

indie69Jun 15th, 2010

Aha! It finally accepted a cover.

indie69Jun 15th, 2010