The Sheepdogs - Learn And Burn (2010)(Indie Rock 70s Style Rock

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The Sheepdogs - Learn And Burn (2010)

Did the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (their LCBO) suddenly start stocking premium bourbon? Whatever sparked the formation of Saskatoon’s The Sheepdogs, they’ve certainly soaked up all the right ’70s influences. But, more importantly, they’ve got the songs to match the sound. You might call hookfests like the chuggin’-and-a-grinnin’ “I Don’t Know,” or the faintly Latin bongo- and organ-assisted title track, Psychedelic Psundaycore. Thankfully, singer/guitarist Ewan Currie stops short of Black Crowes–style mugging, crooning with muscle but also restraint as he and guitarist Leot Hanson blaze up a glorious cloud of axework on “Right On.” There are a few underdeveloped songs and the band could be tighter, but to paraphrase Currie on “The One You Belong To,” they’ve done more right than wrong.

Rolling and tumbling out of the flatlands of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Sheepdogs play classic rock-a-boogie, with shaggy-haired deference to the likes of Humble Pie, the Faces, and Blind Faith, all the while quietly harboring the musical chops to saunter away from their comfort zone when the mood takes them. Led by blue-eyed soul shouter Ewan Currie, the Canadian quartet can be heard kicking up inordinate amounts of blues-rock dust one moment (“I Don’t Know”, “Catfish 2 Boogaloo”), weaving dueting guitars, congas, fluid organ, and super-tight harmony backing into a groovy soft rock mambo the next (“Learn & Burn”), before turning left into an intricately arranged, jazzy lounge ballad with horns and piano called “Rollo Tamasi”. Learn & Burn is the group’s fourth self-released album since forming in 2006. Which begs the question—why hasn’t anyone signed them yet?

From the prairie city of Saskatoon come the Sheepdogs, 4 young gentlemen who revel in the joy of rock n roll so wholeheartedly, it's downright contagious. Sporting the long-haired looks of their musical forefathers, the lads make the most of their 2 guitars, bass and drums combo. Soulful vocalisations, everybody harmonizing, old-school guitar chops winding, riffing and chiming, all over a steadfast and groovy rythm section. Having already cemented their reputation as dynamic performers in their hometown, the Sheepdogs now turn their attention to spreading their die hard affection for rock n roll cross-country. They have spent the last year covering the great white north, playing from Vancouver island to Montreal. They have played festivals, headlined a bill during 2007's Junofest, opened for the likes of Matt Mays and el Torpedo, and performed before thousands at 2006's Saskatoon Centennial Celebration. In January 2007 they released their debut LP Trying to Grow, a collection of guitar-driven originals that recall classic rockers like the Stones, CCR, and the Kinks. The album's title-track was featured in a province-wide campaign in their native Saskatchewan. They are currently finishing work on their follow up album, which mixes elements of southern rock and moody soul with gleeful straight-forward rockers.


01. The One you Belong To
02. Please Don't Lead Me On
03. I Don't Know
04. I Don't Get By
05. Learn & Burn
06. Right On
07. You Discover
08. Southern Dreaming
09. Soldier Boy
10. Catfish 2 Boogaloo
11. Rollo Tomasi Medley
12. i. Suddenly
13. ii. Baby, I Won't Do You No Harm
14. iii. We'll Get There
15. iv. I Should Know

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