Opio & Unjust - MARK IT ZERO (The Big Lebowski tribute album) **

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Opio & Unjust - MARK IT ZERO (The Big Lebowski tribute album) ** picture

This is a very dope album, weather you are a HIERO head, or just a fan of the dude.

Uploaded for free on 4.20 by OPE @

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1. Dios Mio (1:08)
2. What Happens (3:24
3. Yeah 02:45
4. Aggression Interlude (0:24
5. Aggression (2:57
6. Cannabis Club Skit (1:26)
7. C'mon (2:39
8. World of Pa)in (1:12)
9. Weed Man Skit (1:06)
10. Far Out (2:12)

Hieroglyphics' Opio & Chosen Few's Unjust
Team for "Mark It Zero" Lebowski Tribute Album

With the concept of the album coming from a trip taken by Opio and Unjust to a screening of the Big Lebowski at the historic Red Vic Theatre on fabled Haight Streeet in San Francisco on 4.20 of last year, both Unjust and Opio prepare to release The Big Lebowski Tribute Album "Mark It Zero". It was there at the Red Vic Theatre that the two men, even though they were in a confined movie theatre, thought "Fuck it, man" and fired up a joint
of medicial Cali Kush prompting scores of other patron's to do the same in the theatre, thus becoming quite the far out scene. As Opio & Unjust (who are both big fans of the cult classic) got deeper into the film, they came with the idea of the tribute.

With every scene and nuiance of the movie speaking to them creatively - Unjust was particularly intrigued with the soundtrack prompting him to use that as his base with all the beats sampled from the score. And always a master with the pen, Opio took to the dialgue and created subject matter that is loosely based around their own "dude-like" adventures. The end result being a piece of work that proves not only as a stand alone Hip Hop Album, but also a complimentary piece to the classic film.

So as not to be percieved as "goldbrickers" or "biters" (to use the parlance of our times), and to avoid getting bumped up into a different tax bracket, the fellas decided to give it away free....well...pay as you will. I mean, we know you probably owe money all over town, including to known pornographers....and that's cool....that's cool....so you don't have to pay anything.

But if you'd like to make a donation to the "Little Hiero Achievers" fund (even a $0.67 check for milk), well, we're not gonna stop you from really tying your 4/20 together....and no one will pee on your rug, promise.

On Deck:
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Chosen Few's - "New World Symphony"
(5.25.10 In Stores)

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