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POTHS Pouring Out The Holy Spirit

Ephesians 5:11

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.

POTHS -- Picking Out The Hellish Scumbags -- POTHS -- Pointing Out The Hovering Sausers -- POTHS -- Pouring Out True Helping Scriptures -- POTHS -- Pouring Out The Holy Spirit -- POTHS -- Pointing Out The Hopeless Socialists -- POTHS -- Pour Out The Holy Spirit -- Upload POTHS Everywhere -- POTHS -- Pointing Out The Hellish Scumbags -- POTHS -- Partaking Of The Holy Scriptures -- POTHS -- Prosecute Only The Highest Scoundrels -- POTHS -- Pouring Out The Holy Spirit -- POTHS -- Prosecute Obama The House & Senate -- POTHS -- Plant Only The Heritage Seeds -- POTHS -- Plant Our Treasured Heritage Seeds -- POTHS -- Plant Our Treasured Hemp Seeds -- POTHS -- Passing Over The Harmful Sins -- POTHS -- Prevailing Over The Hypucritical Scoundrels -- POTHS -- Prosecute Our Treasonous Homeland Security -- POTHS -- Prevailing Over The Hypacritical Scoundrels -- POTHS -- Pondering On The Heavenly Skies -- POTHS -- Pouring Out Terrible Health & Sickness --

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POTHS - The Total Onslaught of Jesus - 34 of 36 - Historys Coming Climax[size]
[size=26]Total Onslaught Series - Topics - by Prof Walter Veith

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1. Just Another Man 20. A Woman Rides the Beast
2. Where Jesus Walked 21. A New World Order
3. An Advocate for Our Time 22. The Mystic Realm of Death
4. The Mists of Time 23. The New Age Agenda
5. The Man Behind the Mask 24. That All May Be One
6. The Revelation of Jesus Christ 25. Strange Fire (false Holy Spirit)
7. Seven Churches 26. The UN and the Occult Agenda
8. Seven Seals 27. The Battle of the Giants
9. When Trumpets Sound 28. A Stone to Rest Your Head
10. The Beast from the Bottomless Pit 29. God's Guiding Gift
11. The Secret Behind Secret Societies 30. Earth's Final Warning
12. Hidden Agendas 31. The Loud Cry
13 Battle of the Bibles 32. 1844 and the Final Onslaught
14. Changing the Word (Bible) Part 1- 3 33. Signs and Wonders
15. Revolutions, Tyrants and Wars 34. History's Coming Climax
16. The Islamic Connection 35. The Long Awaited Millennium
17. The Crime of All Ages 36. The Greatest Invitation
18. Two Beasts Become Friends 37. Personal Testimony (extra)
19. The Wine of Babylon

Detailed Description
36 volume set by Walter Veith "Total Onslaught". Total Onslaught Series is an 8 DVD Set containing 36 powerful lectures giving a chapter by chapter study through the book of Revelation, showing how events in the 20th century including today's news fulfill Biblical prophecy.

This series is like no other: New World Order, Secret Societies, Islam, New Age Philosophies, United Nations, Government and more! Check the individual titles for more info. See how the Bible applies to your world. As you see the Total Onslaught on Jesus Christ and His Kingdom, you will be amazed at how close we really are! (36 DVDs) 1. Just Another Man? In this video, Biblical evidence that Jesus is the Messiah is presented in multimedia format. The ancient prophecies are unravelled, particularly the prophecy in Daniel 9 on the seventy weeks which pinpoints the exact time of the Messiah's arrival on Earth.

The study of this prophecy has even been cursed by some theologians who do not wish to acknowledge Jesus as the Messiah. Study the evidence revealed in this video and you make your own conclusions. 2. Where Jesus Walked This video takes us on a journey through ancient Palestine retracing the steps of the Master and highlighting His great teachings, including the Sermon on the Mount, and key parables. The life and ministry of Christ, His birth, and death on the cross are portrayed in multimedia format in a though-provoking study. You will enjoy this look into the life of Christ. 3. An Advocate For Our Time The sanctuary in one of the great typological features of the Bible. Every aspect of the sanctuary points to the ministry of the Messiah.

By a study of all its features, the plan of salvation unfolds before our eyes. In this lecture, the significance of each and every article of furniture in the sanctuary in explained and the depth of meaning unfolded. The sanctuary was not arbitrary. It was a lesson book for all generations. 4. The Mists of Time In Daniel chapter 2, King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream in which he sees a great statue through which is to be revealed the history of the world to the very close of time. The startlingly detailed vision tells us where we are in history and what events are about to occur on Earth.

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Ephesians 5:11

11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove (expose) them.

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