Tajna Nikole Tesla (Secret of Nikola Tesla) (Krsto Papic, 1980)

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Uploaded:Jul 11th, 2010
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this is a fresh 2010 rip of the movie, released on occasion of Tesla 154 birthday, 10 July 2010. it is made from latest (2006) serbian release, and compared to existing 470MB version floating on the internets it features:
- 7:45 long documentary introduction called "Tesla Danas" (Tesla today),
which is an integral part of the original movie, missing in other torrents
- much better image quality
- serbian srt subtitles
- high quality 1.17GB xvid 2pass encode

please feel free to spread this version of the movie in the internets
and replace the other mentioned torrent of this movie.
thank you.


"If you're unfamiliar with the story of Nikola Tesla, get familiar with it now. In a nutshell, he was one of the rare inventors (actually the only one that comes to mind) who was dedicated foremost to benefitting life on Earth. While other inventors were after glory, gains and economic interests, Telsa simply wanted to improve the planet. In that respect, his ideas for clean, free power came long before our dwindling resources and global warming made it a selfish need of ours. Tesla was a true altruist.

This films tries to give us the gist of his life. The film takes a melancholy, ponderous approach which will doubtlessly bore many people. There are cryptic, wordless scenes of Tesla observing nature: sunsets, rivers, and of course lightning storms. This is a subtle way of showing how Tesla derived his inspiration from natural elements. However, in using this subtle approach, the director sacrifices momentum of plot.

Almost secondary is the action. The bitter rivalry from Edison (who, yes, was a sociopathic nut case who did indeed torture dogs and cats in public as this movie alludes) as well as the phenomenal accomplishments of Tesla (lighting the World's Fair and building the AC power station at Niagra Falls) are glossed over in light of Tesla's dreamy reveries. And Tesla's grandest scheme, a "free power Earth", was so ambiguously presented that we, the audience, come away feeling slightly unfulfilled.

Of course, that was the director's intent. We, the humans of planet Earth, are left unfulfilled, because obviously we're not hopping around the globe in free Telsa machines the way he had hoped. We don't even know 1/100th of what we could have possibly had, if history had taken a different turn.

This movie is to be approached very philosophically and artistically. If you're looking for a factual biopic, you might want to start elsewhere. But whatever you do, learn about Tesla any way you can. I consider his story to be the story of the planet earth--and a tragedy it is."