Ra Ra Riot - The Orchard (Promo Disc - 2010) (MP3-320)

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Uploaded:Aug 1st, 2010
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Quality: MP3-320

Barsuk Records Promo Disc.

Release date: 8/24/10

1.) The Orchard
2.) Boy
3.) Too Dramatic
4.) Foolish
5.) Massachusetts
6.) You and I Know
7.) Shadowcastin
8.) Do You Remember
9.) Kansai
10.) Keep It Quiet

Official promo received in the mail. Checked for watermarks and didn't hear any. I believe this to be the exact same disc as the upcoming retail.

Thanks to the folks at What!


Any chance of this in FLAC?

oshin2250Aug 17th, 2010

Would really enjoy it if these CD's were also uploaded in FLAC.

scammajApr 18th, 2011

I downloaded one of your torrents and you had an email address there, i tried to email it and it said that it doesn't exist...so if you could email me at doompuppie@gmail.com that would be great (I'm looking for like 2 albums)

DPuppieOct 16th, 2011

Thank you!

theymightbedwarvesJul 20th, 2013