Phorenzix - Better Than Ever (Drum & Bass) (2009)

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Phorenzix - Better Than Ever (2009)

01. Into Thin Air
02. Better Than Ever
03. Kick It
04. Evolutions
05. Need You
06. Candlelit Dinner
07. Finally There
08. Red Skies
09. Over The Horizon
10. Remember
11. Carried By Wind
12. Washed Ashore Imported Description:

There is a lot of history behind Phorenzix and much more to be made as well.

It all started during the trance explosion of the late 90s. Steve Dickman began messing around with loops and samples to impress and humor friends at the age of fourteen. What originally began as comedy, it quickly turned into a musical hobby.

Steve dipped into many genres which included trance, house, techno, downtempo, breaks, hip-hop and ambient. After cycling through nearly a dozen aliases in a span of almost ten years, Steve settled with the sound of Drum & Bass. Phorenzix emerged onto the internet drum & bass scene in December of 2007 with the track â