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Eureka picture
A Town Called EUReKA

Season One

Ep01 Pilot
Ep02 Many Happy Returns
Ep03 Before I Forget
Ep04 Alienated
Ep05 Invincible
Ep06 Dr. Nobel
Ep07 Blink
Ep08 Right as Raynes
Ep9 Primal
Ep10 Purple Haze
Ep11 H.O.U.S.E. Rules
Ep12 Once in a Lifetime

Season Two

Ep01 Phoenix Rising
Ep02 Try Try Again
Ep03 Unpredictable
Ep04 Games People Play
Ep05 Duck Duck Goose
Ep06 Noche de Sueños
Ep07 Family Reunion
Ep08 E=MC?
Ep09 Sight Unseen
Ep10 God Is In The Details
Ep11 Maneater
Ep12 All That Glitters
Ep13 A Night at Global Dynamics

Season Three

Ep01 Bad to the Drone
Ep02 What About Bob
Ep03 Best in Faux
Ep04 I Do Over
Ep05 Show Me The Mummy
Ep06 Phased and Confused
Ep07 Here Come The Suns
Ep08 From Fear to Eternity
Ep09 Welcome Back Carter
Ep10 Your Face Or Mine
Ep11 Your Insane In The P-Brane
Ep12 It's Not Easy Being Green
Ep13 If You Build It...
Ep14 Ship Happens
Ep15 Shower the People
Ep16 You Don't Know Jack
Ep17 Have an Ice Day
Ep18 What Goes Around, Comes Around


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