William Lane Craig - Reasonable Faith (PDF)

Uploaded:Aug 29th, 2010
Info Hash:9e072af97e07551b7e6c145d5c9f0fc87d9dbb85
William Lane Craig's amazing book about the logical reliability of Christanity. PDF format.


This is not a virus. This is a simple pdf that passes the scans of an up-to-date Avast! antivirus scan. The book is a good copy of the original. I have the paperback copy of the book, and this pdf is exactly what I would want from a pdf version. Again...not a virus. Not even a false positive.

qwertyDaveMar 9th, 2011

What idiot would think a simple pdf is a virus?

ahoraAug 10th, 2012

The same idiot that downloads WLC books or think god exists...

vashkasjMay 9th, 2013

@vashkasj Offending is "evidence" for some atheists.

conspiracyPDFJan 10th, 2014