Best of Limewire II 4000 Hits from the Music Era

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:c355b6484b775be5c7eab710200a54d1ca83e360
24.5 GB of Pop, Rock, Soul, Blues, and Country hits from the greatest period of music the world had ever known. Hundreds are untouched 320kb rips direct from masters and are not processed in any way. There are over 4,000 cuts...5,000 counting the many compilation CD's in ready to burn Nero .NRG image format.

This file replaces the much smaller Best of Limewire uploaded three years ago. It is over twice the size. For those of you who have spent days downloading that, just direct the download of this torrent to the same directory and your torrent client will automatically scan and include those, saving nearly half the download time and disc space.

The complete file list is far too long to include here. It is best to download the torrent, then begin to add it to view all the titles.

A note...this entire collection is geared toward those 40 and older, who still remember what quality audio, great writing, excellent production and artistry was all about. If you are under 40, do not expect to find much here to interest you.