Abraham-Hicks 2009 ALL 21 Highlights Collection

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Abraham-Hicks 2009 ALL 21 Highlights Collection

This torrent is a group effort. It includes all of the 21 Highlight Recordings for 2009. For more Abraham-Hicks_Torrents see info text inside or the webpage at

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Abraham-Hicks Torrent Community's intention is to connect with those that are attracting Abraham’s material via torrents and with those who want to help us to make it available in a sharing format that is easy, economical and simple.

Remember that the SEEDERS are the backbone of Abraham-Hicks Torrents!

Individual Workshop Highlight Recordings 2009 are:

2009-03-22 San Francisco, CA
2009-03-29 Los Angeles, CA
2009-04-07 Albuquerque, NM
2009-04-18 San Antonio, TX
2009-05-23 Orlando, FL
2009-05-29 Asheville, NC
2009-06-11 Philadelphia, PA
2009-06-14 Stamford, CT
2009-06-20 Boston, MA
2009-07-04 Denver, CO
2009-07-12 Seattle, WA
2009-08-01 San Rafael, CA
2009-08-02 San Rafael, CA
2009-09-26 Toronto, CA
2009-10-03 Chicago, IL
2009-10-10 Boston, MA
2009-10-18 Tarrytown, NY
2009-11-01 Asheville, NC
2009-11-07 Atlanta, GA
2009-12-05 Phoenix, AZ
2009-12-13 Sydney, Australia

For detail description:

Jerry & Esther Hicks

For over 20 years Esther & Jerry Hicks have published hundreds of books, audio recordings and videos, and have conducted up to 60 workshops a year. Their work is derived from the teachings of "Non-Physical Source Energy" whom they refer to as "Abraham".

The Teachings of Abrahamâ„¢ are based on a universal principle called the Law of Attraction and on the key role our emotions play, and they illuminate and inform every aspect of our experience.

“The thrill of the ride is carved out of the contrast. Without the contrast, you could not decide.”

Answers and inspiration from the Non-Physical entity Abraham — whom Esther calls “infinite intelligence” and Jerry refers to as “the purest form of love I’ve ever encountered.”

Thank you to all who participated to make this possible!



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