Rucka Rucka Ali - I'm Black, You're White & These Are Clearly

Uploaded:Sep 11th, 2010
Info Hash:697eabe1820796eea0c175ef8dda4d79b0a48ec7

This torrent includes Rucka Rucka Ali's brand new album, "I'm Black, You're White & These Are Clearly Parodies".

1.) Intro (Fuck You, Tube)
2.) Don't Be A Playa, Haiti
3.) Emo (Like A Nazi)
4.) I Can Do Whatever I'm White
5.) Ching Chang Chong (feat. DJ Not Nice)
6.) Send That Bitch A Kissyface (feat. Dali Llama & Tickle Man)
7.) Good Kids Smoke Crack
8.) It's Not Nice (feat. DJ Not Nice, Toby Queef, Seymour Schwartz & Fredrique Shampoo)
9.) Go Cops!
10.) I Love Minorities
11.) I Don't Like White People
12.) I Don't Like Old People
13.) Crips & Bloods
14.) Ima Korean (feat. DJ Not Nice)
15.) Outro (Russia's Still Gay)

All songs are in .mp3 format, and are 256 kbps. Enjoy! ;D


Thanks! This is awesome!

KevanGCSep 12th, 2010

Can you please make the torrent faster? I had to kep restarting the uTorrent.

KevanGCSep 12th, 2010

@KevanGC - Sorry, the speed of the torrent depends entirely on who seeds after they download. If everyone seeds after downloading, everyone else will have faster downloading speeds. It looks like five people downloaded this torrent and then "cut-and-ran".

TheminkmanSep 12th, 2010

I got it, it just took a long time. but thanks. I don't really know what seeders or leechers are. But thanks anyway.

KevanGCSep 12th, 2010

KevanGC, When you download a torrent, you are downloading separate pieces of the torrent from everyone else that has the torrent on their computer. Those people that are providing the pieces of the torrent are called "seeders". Seeders are good, because that means you can download more pieces faster, since more people are providing the pieces. When someone downloads the torrent and then stops "seeding", either by turning off BitTorrent or uTorrent or whatever, or by moving the file or deleting the torrent, the pieces from their computer can no longer be provided to other people trying to upload the torrent. These people are usually worthless to the torrent world, since BitTorrent would be nowhere if seeders did not exist. So next time you download a torrent, remember to leave your torrent application on so others can download the torrent faster.

TheminkmanSep 13th, 2010

Okay I got it. I'll leave torrents open for as long as possible.

KevanGCSep 13th, 2010

Rucka's real nuckas are the ones who upload to thepiratebay.

KevanGCSep 14th, 2010

Oh herro!

TheRuneCreepSep 21st, 2010

thanks for the torrent -Clayton

ClaytonMasonNov 25th, 2010

PLEASE upload Rucka's new album "A Verry Rucka Christmas" if you can. There's already one on here, but the quality is low.

KevanGCNov 28th, 2010

Thanks man, works great and already in mp3 format

chrisk153Jan 16th, 2011