LEGO Star Wars (MAC)

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
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Lego Star Wars I for Mac.


I have been trying for a while now, and I am not able to play this game. I have tried installing both and when opening 'LEGO Star Wars.dmg' It tells me to insert the original disk, and with 'LEGO.SW.1.0.NoDVD.Cracked.dmg' it tells me ' LEGO Star Wars cannot be run off of the DVD. Please install the game.' please help! :D

LupidusNov 18th, 2010

When I opened it, it seems like if its going to work, but then it exits and says it unexpectedly closed down and gives me the options of retrying or ignoring. Whats wrong?

LupidusNov 18th, 2010

You must update your Mac system. I had the same problem I run Software Update and it's working.

KosciakPLDec 6th, 2010

How can we update our mac systems?

iTzAweshomDec 16th, 2010

Apple Logo ---> Software Update ---> Install ---> Reboot ---> Play and have fun with Lego :)

KosciakPLJan 12th, 2011

Worked fine for me. I have newest version of mac (10.6.6). Drag the crack into the same folder as the game and the double click it to start. 5/5

MotharFeb 4th, 2011

How would that be, Mothar? Can someone explain, please?

LupidusMar 4th, 2011

Oh, by the way, done!! Alright... That was easy! hah for future problems: 1. Have your original 'LEGO Star Wars' (R2D2's image) in a folder together with another folder called 'LEGO Star Wars Data'. 2. Submit it into the Applications folder. 3. Once it is copied, grab the cracked the other R2D2's image 'LEGO Star Wars' and put it into the folder you submitted earlier. 4. It will ask to replace or ignore. 5. REPLACE. 6. Double click. 7. PLAY.

LupidusMar 4th, 2011

Great torrent. No problems for me.

tarheel43Jun 26th, 2011

Will NOT work with new Lion OS. "You can't open the application because PowerPC applications are no longer supported".

chris449Aug 4th, 2011