Ray Charles-Rare Genius The Undiscovered Masters 2010-DOH

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Uploaded:Jan 1st, 1970
Info Hash:9bb207b3618965f64408040d588b6c0ca9608edc
Titulo: Ray Charles-rare Genius The Undiscovered Masters 2010
Categoria: Recopilatorio | Soul
Calidad: Mp3

Tamano: 47.5 MB
Duracion: 39:77 min

Track List:

1. Love%u2019s Gonna Bite You Back 3:54;
2. It Hurts To Be In Love 4:53;
3. Wheel Of Fortune 4:00;
4. I%u2019m Gonna Keep On Singin%u2019 5:30;
5. There%u2019ll Be Some Changes Made 4:04;
6. Isn%u2019t It Wonderful 4:13;
7. I Don%u2019t Want No One But You 4:20
8. A Little Bitty Tear 3:35
9. She%u2019s Gone 3:11
10.Why Me Lord? (featuring Johnny Cash) 3:57

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can someone seed please, also it tells me that its not a torrent file when I try to examine it in vuze , it also as a icon shows the ll blue icon that it shows for the torrent files in vuze in the download list and states that it isnt a torrent dl.... anyone else seeing this?????

lestatvvvvvvOct 20th, 2010

why would you even try to d/l songs averaging 1.1K a piece. This is crap. look elsewhere.

loquorlickerOct 20th, 2010