Awake - Sci-fi/Fantasy Novel

Uploaded:Oct 20th, 2010
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Awake by Egan Yip...

What if the whole world fell asleep and couldn't wake up?
Engage your mind in the bizarre fantasy of Awake--where everyone's stuck in a dream, all animals can talk, a war brews between pets and wild animals, and mythical beings can spring up out of nowhere!

Short Description:

When Kevin stays up all night to work on his history paper, he finds a very strange thing the next morning: everyone he knows is still asleep, but no one can wake up! Giving up on all hope, Kevin hangs around, waiting for the end to come. As he does so, however, he meets a dog and cat who can talk. Apparently, the pets have come together to form an alliance as they search for a way to save their masters, and they need his help...seeing that he's pretty much the only one still awake.

But as they begin their investigation into the weird sleeping phenomenon, they are warned of a great danger: the forest animals are mobilizing and they intend to keep the humans asleep...for good.

Joined by a few drowsy classmates and some furry pals, Kevin must fend off hordes of wild animals and stay awake long enough to solve this mystery--or he too will fall asleep...and never awaken.