Toy Story 3 (PSP, iPod, Zune)

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Spoken language(s):English
Uploaded:Oct 21st, 2010
Info Hash:71ec95e5423f06fb71fdff43763cdb9383abe6ae
Toy Story 3 (PSP, iPod, Zune) picture
Source: Toy.Story.3.1080p.BluRay.X264-ETHOS




Video technical specifications:

Codec: AVC via x264
Profile: Baseline@2.1
Bitrate: 384 Kbps
FPS: 23.976
Rate Control: 2 pass

Audio 1:
Codec: AAC Dolby Pro Logic
Bitrate: 128 Kbps




yes HR can u do the other toy storys plz

SalchichonOct 21st, 2010

omg.. thanks alot been waiting for it :) oh and no need to do the old toy story's other uploaders hav uploaded them.. keep uploading the new movies :)

hazniiOct 21st, 2010

+1 another great UL HR. Love your work. Any chance you can help me out with sideways and winged creatures? I've been stuck at 98 and 90 %. Other leechers stuck too.

ogchrisOct 22nd, 2010

oh!! i just saw that PT had done the other toy storys ,but in HD.... if u cud make a piZ version, dat wud be awesome...

 qwersdOct 31st, 2010

Hi! would like to know who to put the subtitles on my ipod touch... i mean on the movie, i know ho tto do it during th emovie, but the subtitle icon doesn't show in the movie... thanks for the upload! :)

desenfNov 15th, 2010

Thanks uploader very Fast Download 500kb/s

babyPEANUTDec 13th, 2010

+1 Great UL oh yeah thanks so much

Noble2010Jun 15th, 2011

Awesome torrent. Quality is good even for watching on PC. THANK YOU! for uploading this.

sanketexJun 20th, 2011

Great quality! Thanks for uploading.

sanketexJun 20th, 2011