Tron Legacy Media Pack! HD Video, HD Trailers, Trailer Music, Co

Uploaded:Dec 19th, 2010
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Tron Legacy Media Pack! HD Video, HD Trailers, Trailer Music, Complete Soundtrack, Posters, and more!

I'm a little late in releasing this, I have been working on this for months now.

I have assembled in this media pack loads of HD (1080p!) videos (featurettes, movie clips, behind the scenes stuff, etc), HD Posters, Wallpapers, Screensavers, the complete soundtrack in FLAC and the bonus music (not in FLAC), trailer music (there's an mp3 file that contains the trailer music for the Comic Con footage (the effects test footage)), and more.

Enjoy :)

Posters, Wallpapers, Concept Arts, Movie + Trailer Stills, and Extra Images:
- These are all mostly official images released by Disney, I found them all on official
- Tron-promotional websites. The rest were found on Google Image
- Search. Some of these images (such as approximately three posters that I am aware of) are
- fan-made posters. Some of the movie stills I did myself, while others are either official stills released by Disney or
- are images I found using Google Image Search.

- I did not rip the Special Edition FLAC soundtrack myself. Credits for that goes to sutanshu on
- Bonus Tracks were not purchased by me. Credit goes to akramadly on



Thanks for this and more Thanks for the Inception 3.0 Media Pack!

T3hSeederDec 21st, 2010

...what the hell is all of this? just bunch of pictures and trailers...where is the vid?

RalinkDec 24th, 2010

oh and there was a freakin virus in it... norton removed it for me...just to let you downloaders know

RalinkDec 24th, 2010