Awesome Minecraft Alpha Save File (castle,garden,petting zoo, et

Awesome Minecraft Alpha Save File (castle,garden,petting zoo, et picture

This is a save file for Minecraft Alpha

Instructions : 1. Download the file.

2. Press the Start button at the bottom left hand corner of your screen and type in the search bar this : "%appdata%" the press enter, make sure to have the percentage signs.

3. From the "%appdata%" folder open up ".minecraft", double click on the saves folder then copy this folder and paste it in there.

This folder is world5 but if you want to change what world then
change the name right before you paste it into there.

There you go guys, hope you like it,

Check out my YouTube Channel "ms0manbearpig" (0 is a zero)and subscribe and maybe leave a comment to say it worked great.

Last thing : Remember to SEED for at least a couple days, thanks


thx alot sir, this is a great map

crazybabyDec 24th, 2010

"No input file specified" is the message i get when i click on "d/l this torrent".

motley666Dec 24th, 2010