Heart of the Alien

Uploaded:Dec 24th, 2010
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Heart of the Alien


Heart of the Alien is a sequel to Another World and continues the story directly from where the original ended.

The game switches the player's role from Another World; this time the player takes control of Buddy, the main character's alien ally from the previous game.

Mobygame reviews:


The game was released in the 1994 for Sega CD; but it has been ported to PC with the name of Heart of the Alien Redux.

See here:

This package puts together the iso of original CD; the original audio tracks (in .mp3) and Heart of the Alien Redux compiled for Win32.

So, to use you just need to unpack and start hota.exe from its folder.

I noticed a mistake in the readme.txt I wrote: the --scale=2 option does work full-screen. Only the --scale=3 does not.

So once you saw the introduction you probably want start the game with:

hota.exe --scale=2 --fullscreen --room 7

So you get full-screen game scaled with x2 algorithm, --room 7 instead skips the introduction.



Alt-Enter - change between windows and full-screen.
z - key A.
x - key B.
c - key C.
Arrows - left, up, right, down.



After the intro (or after skipping it with ESC) you will be in the code screen. To begin you have to select a level via password.

The first level code is:


Use it to tackle the first challenge.


Have fun.


wow. rare classic. thanks.

wtfgamerDec 27th, 2010

Yeah, this should be fairly rare. Even if Heart of the Alien Redux works fairly well it is not documented and it is not famous. So it is easy to get stuck with meaningless error messages like `cannot open GAME3.bin'. In order to help everyone (and learn something about Win32 cross-compiling) I puzzled how-to start everything and make a ready to use package. Since there are no hate messages I assume it works fine. Happy to see someone that appreciate.

etpiratebDec 27th, 2010

I dont get any sound in the game. What can i do?

ILKnightAug 29th, 2011

Thanks a lot for your work, nice sequel to a legendary game.

AmigalandSep 9th, 2013

Im trying to play this in full screen but when I press alt enter screen only goes to the center and does not increase in size?

adventurjunkyOct 2nd