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fuck off.



joakalFeb 24th, 2011

Great pictures....thanks for sharing

robertjohnsonFeb 25th, 2011

need to transfer my pictures from a laptop to my pc. but they are on different routers. the easies way i found was to make a torrent. but fucking 70 people are trying do download my pictures. --' any one have an other idea ?

PoullFeb 25th, 2011

Ummm I think a handy little device called a jump drive (a cheap 16gb and a few trips wouldn't hurt) or maybe a cheap ext HDD from your local wally world would be much more beneficial than a seeding them to a very public and highly used place...

ionic2004Feb 25th, 2011

yeah. im gonna try to get an ext HDD. too many people trying to get my pictures. lol thx fot the ideas.

PoullFeb 26th, 2011

Hey man you can o this route if you would like, just don't make it a public torrent. Write down the link address and use it on your other machine. That way you can transfer without having to buy any other equipment and there will be noone else downloading your stuff. Just a suggestion. :-)

dman1313Feb 26th, 2011

ever heard of a site call Adrive? 50GB of free secure storage.

4forfunMar 4th, 2011