Flaser's Hentai Manga & Doujinshi Collection 2011.02.20

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Uploaded:Mar 5th, 2011
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Flaser's Hentai Manga & Doujinshi Collection 2011.02.20 (v2.1)

This is version 2.1 of my torrent. It includes both hentai manga, and hentai doujinshi. All files are English scanlations.

To resume an earlier version please follow the instructions in the Readme!!!


Version 2.0 can be found here: sukebei.nyaa.eu/?page=torrentinfo&tid=35663

The files needed to migrate the previous version can be found here:
Batch File:


This is a BIG collection, maybe the biggest (purely English) one to date. How big? 5319 titles, ~3000 doujinshi, ~1500 original stories, ~600 tankoubons.

It contains almost everything available on FAKKU as well as loli- and shotacon material that can no longer be hosted there due legal restrictions by the advertisers.


The content is highly structured and uses a strict naming scheme that's rarely varied (for anthologies and similar):

[File-ID] Franchise {Mangaka/Doujin Circle} - Title [Translator]

The torrent also includes a spreadsheet (in MS Excel 2002), to quickly search and locate files by franchise, artist, title, format (doujinshi/tankoubon) etc.

An on-line (Google Docs) version of the can be found here:


Pretty much anything under the sun that you can think of except extremes like guro. Vanilla, lesbian, gang bang, rape, reverse rape, NTR, big tits, small tits, enormous jugs, loli, shota, etc. This torrent probably hold most of what was translated et all at the time of release. (Yes, a new version's already planned, it'll likely have another 500-600 titles added that have been translated since).

FlaserApr 4th, 2011

wow awesome got a link?

acheronxriverApr 6th, 2011

Gah! Took me a while to notice the google docs link has been cut off. Here you go: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0ArKaFhodT908dFpLdEZ6eVRlVmw5cDVEakZfSERXOXc&hl=en

FlaserApr 7th, 2011

A New version is availible!!! http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/6409647/Flaser_s_Hentai_Manga__amp__Doujinshi_Collection_2011.05.20

FlaserMay 21st, 2011