Medal Of Honor - Pacific Assault

Type:Games > PC
Size:3.93 GB
Uploaded:Mar 14th, 2011
Info Hash:9082ade2196521613a1285241a4d522bb0282993
My first torrent, please comment how everything went, what indefinitably went wrong. will seed until we have 15+ seeders

No Virus, No Worms, Only Awesome.

Remember sharing is caring so seeding is loving. Seriously though, Seed.


Also, This SHOULD be the Directors Cut, Not Sure. RAR format Go to setup and run "Autorun" Obviously. Anything goes wrong please inform me

AlmatterMar 14th, 2011

Anyone confirm this guy isn't a bullshitter?

Rockstar-1Mar 14th, 2011

Almost Forgot, Key is 2MX7-S6EU-S9DT-B5R6-RJGR This MIGHT work Online, Don't Get your hopes up :#

AlmatterMar 14th, 2011

The size is correct And no this game will not work online! Reloaded,s release came with a keygen, it was seperate from the iso! X5T3-XQMN-B4YP-CHQ3-5RLD ZLP7-24YJ-ZMMT-V8CZ-DRLD HGQG-7EUE-2UZZ-BDUH-ARLD NEC4-XAX5-86CE-738G-ERLD here are a few more keys they are from reloaded,s keygen

RMJ13Mar 14th, 2011

Thank ya RMJ.

AlmatterMar 14th, 2011

Can't Seed forever TT_TT

AlmatterMar 14th, 2011

will seed at night.

AlmatterMar 14th, 2011

i need seed please!!!!! lol

bitazikoMar 17th, 2011

There appears to be a lack of enthusiasm from the initial seeder at the moment .

wankanMar 17th, 2011

sorry all, computer got backed up, will be up in about 1 week. Dont Have the CD

AlmatterMar 19th, 2011

So you will have to make a new rar file . The current torrent and rar is dead .

wankanMar 19th, 2011

Hello, I will start to download the game I hope it works seeding please !! I've windows 7 and I keep getting this message: (The application was unable to start correctly 0xc0000007b) can anyone help me with that error?! please !!

Optimus95Apr 19th, 2011

please someone sows. Thanks for the help!

DeanWinchester66Jan 4th, 2012

Seeders please!

DeanWinchester66Jan 4th, 2012

Does this torrent includes the movies in game? Someone please tell me I cant find full version with movies, I downloaded like 3 torrents for this game and all of them without movies. :/

Punisher_92Jan 30th, 2012