Uploaded:Mar 26th, 2011
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Konami's celebrated soccer series returns to PlayStation 2 with an emphasis on
improved control and strategy on the pitch. Revamped animations and physics are
designed to offer more lifelike results, from acceleration and tackling to
jostling and blocking. The presentation features over 1000 new animations in
total, taken from more than 100 hours of motion-captured recordings of athletes.
Other changes include improvements to defender artificial intelligence, so that
they better hold their positions, and an enhanced passing system. A new shot and
stamina meter lets you see each athlete's current level of fitness at a glance,
which is important since sprinting now has a detrimental effect on player
performance and abilities over time.


Lead your favorite team to victory in a variety of play modes
Monitor your athlete's fitness with the new shot and stamina gauge
Features new animations and controls

EnJoY iT ! :)


thanks dude been looking 4 this will seed for along time.

leecox1000May 17th, 2011

Hi RealSB, I'm looking for Pro Evolution Soccer 1 for PS2 PAL. Can you upload it? Many thanks!!

Drazic_May 1st, 2013