Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare MAC

Uploaded:Mar 29th, 2011
Info Hash:960bee9babb9dddf357fa243b2c3d59fa9801342
Just Download, Unzip, and it's yours. It's that EASY!!!!!

FYI straight from the Mac appstore


does it have online? plz respawn

salisch1Mar 29th, 2011

So, looks like no one gives a shit about what I say, huh. This is officially TPB's 7th copy of CoD 4 for the Mac. Find something new to upload. And for all those people waiting for a version that operates multiplayer online and desperately downloads this, it DOESN'T. THERE'S NO WAY TO GET THAT TO WORK, IF YOU DON'T HAVE A PROPER KEY. SO STOP ASKING. Your only solution are cracked servers. Following is a list that worked for me months ago - I don't know if they're still live, but it's worth a try to hit up /connect ______ on the console. -Regular- - Hardcore, 4 stars. - Regular, ESO, 5 stars. - Hardcore, 3 stars. - Current, Mode Unkn, 4 stars. -Zombies-

PoeticileMar 29th, 2011

may i play lan with this game ??

dodgefreak95Apr 2nd, 2011

More ppl seed.

ShadriderApr 11th, 2011

Seed guys. I can't even download for the most part.

Lol4SpeedApr 19th, 2011


datadata1Jun 13th, 2011

pls tell me how to download :D sry Im a just able to download the setup.exe with a size about 198,6 KB

TheissenAug 30th, 2011

seed please

abet002Nov 1st, 2011

just can download with torrent.. first download: BitTorrent (find it in google)

e.ptrznApr 7th, 2012

seed it please

WhatthetorrentMay 4th, 2012


fluffy4671Sep 26th, 2012

what is the serial number yo?

bullshit123456789Dec 17th, 2012


PCMACHACKJan 28th, 2013